lunedì 17 luglio 2017

My Justice is about to strike this earth,

Thursday 6 July 2017
Trust in Me and believe, children.
Read My Gospels and live them.
Do not allow self to control you but, rather, follow the Path of Truth that I put before you.
This world is following a path that will lead only to the Day when My Justice will strike them down.
Look at the Truth and see that My Justice is approaching rapidly and mankind will be brought to his knees for what he has done to his God and his brothers and sisters.
Believe, children, My Justice is on the horizon and mankind will see what he has done.
Prepare, children.
I Love you.

Sunday 9 July 2017
I am Coming!
As the sun rises, so will I appear in this world.
You know the sun will rise, you have no doubts but have full faith that it will rise.
It is the same with Me, My people, have faith for, soon, I will Return and it is this you must prepare for, for I come to claim My own.
Do not despair when you look at this world as it declines ever further into sin as each day passes.  I have already told you these things; as I have told you what would happen in these last days of this era, so, I tell you, My Return is imminent. So, again, I say prepare for I will Come for My own and all those who have rejected My Law will be cast from this world. These are Words of Truth I speak: My Justice is about to strike this earth, it will change all that you know.
Believe, children, and fight against the sin in your lives.
Trust in Me.
I Love you.

Monday 10 July 2017
Trust only in Me, My children, do not put your faith in the things of this world but, I say again, put your faith in Me. Believe in what I say for, if you walk the Path that I place before you, then the Kingdom of Heaven shall be your reward. Remember, all things are possible in the one who believes in Me. 
Have faith and I will grant all requests that are for the Glory of Our Father in Heaven.
Trust in Me.
I Love you.

Wednesday 12 July 2017
Trust in Me and believe in the Words I speak and do not listen to the lies of this world.
Believe in Me, My children, for I give you these Words for your safety in this world that is full of sin.
Now, trust in Me and believe so that I may guide you through these dark times.
Believe in Me.
I Love you.

Thursday 13 July 2017
I have not forgotten you, My children, I have not forgotten My Promises to you.
I have not deserted you but, as I have said, I simply allow the evil one freedom to bring his plans into the light through those that he controls in their blindness and free will.
Now, believe, children, for I will bring the heresy, the hypocrisy, to an end and I will cleanse this earth of those who are not willing to return to Me.
Trust in Me, My children, for I am with you as I have Promised.
Now trust in Me.
I Love you.

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