sabato 1 aprile 2017

There is a significant increase happening right now in the body of Christ


by Lana
By Lana Vawser
The Lord is really highlighting the throne room right now. There is a significant increase happening right now in the body of Christ, where He is releasing greater throne room encounters. These throne room encounters with Jesus are bringing a great refreshment to those who are weary and discouraged. As I watched many of God's people entering into these encounters with Him in the throne room in worship, through visions, prophetic dreams, visitations, I watched as they 'entered in' and they were walking through the most beautiful, crystal clear waterfall. I looked around and saw all the walls were like rushing waters with jewels every colour of the rainbow and as far as the eye could see. So many things made of gold, the purest form of gold I have ever seen. There was a red carpet leading up to the throne and they were lined with rose petals, representing He is the Rose of Sharon and the deeper level of divine romance of His love upon the people of God.
As I watched God's people approach the throne, some boldly, some with heavy hearts, some afraid, some with their heads down, some ran towards Him, but no matter which category I saw Jesus running towards them, to meet them. Such love, such acceptance, such joy, such adoration, such excitement filled His eyes. There are no words to adequately describe the JOY in His eyes and absolute delight in His people.
Jesus grabbed their hands one by one and He spoke "It's time! It's time! It's time to enter into the destiny room, it's TIME!!!"
Holding their hands one by one He pulled them along with excitement, running together into this DESTINY ROOM. As they ran in with Him, one after another, I could see all along the walls of this room were picture frames and within the picture frames were their dreams and desires.
Some of God's people were SO excited to see their dreams and desires on the wall, others cried, with pain and heartache of things that had not come to pass. The atmosphere was full of His love and how He pays attention to every dream and every desire. He walked along to each picture frame and He breathed upon them. They went from a still photo to ALIVE, moving and breathing. The desires and dreams were coming to life. His resurrection power was being released.
I noticed as He breathed upon those dreams and desires a GOLDEN SCROLL appeared on the table in the middle of the room. Jesus went over to these GOLDEN SCROLLS and one by one He broke the red seal open and unravelled these scrolls. They looked like BLUEPRINTS but as I looked closer at the scrolls I saw the title of the scrolls were DESTINY PRINTS. Instantly I knew that Jesus was giving "divine glimpses" into the destiny of His people. The one thing that stood out to me was the 'dreams' and 'desires' that His people had been dreaming as they delighted in Him, were at the very bottom of the DESTINY PRINT. He knew I had seen it and He turned to me and smiled and spoke "That's just where I begin. I am MORE FAITHFUL than My people realise!"
The sense surrounded Me that disappointment, discouragement, weariness, past experience, hope deferred and hurt had limited many of God's people from being able to DREAM BIG and to have faith for greater things.
He turned to me again and spoke "EXPECTATION is a GREAT KEY - it's time to "COME UP HERE AND SEE". Jesus began to release glimpses of these DESTINY PRINTS to His people. What He was showing them was SO MUCH BIGGER than they could have ever imagined, they were plans for their life and destiny that was not POSSIBLE to be completed by them, only HE could do it. As He began showing them glimpse after glimpse of what was to come, life, hope and healing was being brought to their hearts and souls. His joy was exploding within them, igniting the fire to dream again.
He was looking for alignment and expectation. His outrageous, radical, amazing plans for His people, these glimpses, were lifting the people of God up higher in their expectation, their faith and ability to dream again.
He spoke again wtih such authority "It's time for the destiny winds to blow." Instantly I saw four strong winds coming from every direction and the angels declared together "Breakthrough momentum of destiny. Favour, increase, abundance and provision from far and wide. It's time for the winds of DESTINY to arrive."
I watched as ACTIVATION took place. The activation of what He had strategically set up like chess pieces on a chess board, the TIME had arrived. He turned and smiled 'THE TIME IS NOW, FOR THE WINDS OF DESTINY AND BREAKTHROUGH MOMENTUM TO COLLIDE RELEASING MY PEOPLE INTO THE NEXT PHASE OF THEIR DESTINY AND BREAKTHROUGH. For such a time as this! For such a time as this! It's time for My people to move into the NEW LEVEL of their destiny position. There will be great provision that has never been experienced before, there will be radical favour, there will be doors flying open by My hand that will be bigger than My people's greatest desires and dreams. I AM JUST THAT GOOD!'
I watched in the DESTINY ROOM as everything was being activated and coming together. The people of God were coming alive with passion, clarity, insight and revelation of the greater realm of destiny that He was opening up for them, and the JOY of what He has called them to. Even those, who did not know, they were confused, had lost their footing, disorientated, not sure what He was asking them to do, what they were called to, or what He was doing, those things were suddenly falling away and being overtaken by the joy of the destiny glimpses He was revealing.
This is the season of greater throne room encounters are upon the body of Christ. You shall see His goodness and Glory like you never have. You will be awakened by His love and His fire in new ways. Your desires and dreams are being breathed upon, but that's just where He is beginning. He is going to exceed your biggest dream and wildest imagination that you have dreamed with Him and delighted in Him. He is restoring you!
He is challenging expectations! What are your expectations of this season? Are you dreaming big? Those things that have stopped you from dreaming big, He is healing them, and He is calling you higher. Pay attention to your dreams, your visions, your encounters and visitations. For the Lord is releasing greater clarity and insight of the DESTINY PRINTS of your life, that is going to see you align with His strategy and decree, to see you move into the next level of DESTINY!!!!! The time has arrived!!!
Why? Because He wants His Glory, His goodness, His love spread FAR AND WIDE. The stage is being set, for the greatest move of the Spirit of God and fire of His love across the earth, like we have never seen before. The time has arrived for the Glory of God to be seen, manifested and encountered, FAR AND WIDE!!!
We are crossing over another threshold of destiny!
What you are going to see Him do in and through you is going to leave you face down crying out "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY ARE YOU!!!! You REALLY ARE GOOD!!!"
The wonder and awe of who HE IS, is being restored!

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