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My Justice is upon you, mankind

Thursday 5 January 2017
Trust in Me, My children, and see this Path that I guide you upon.  Do not let the desires of self take you from Me but trust in what I am telling you.
Sin is darkness and sin must be removed from your lives in order to see clearly.  Do not give in to self for self listens to the inspirations of lucifer and will only lead you upon a path of destruction and death eternal.  This is why I have told you to die to self in order to follow Me, in Truth.  Trust in these Words I speak for this world grows darker as each day goes by and, soon, I must call a stop to its progress for, soon, all will be lost if it is allowed to continue.
Trust in Me and believe. I am with you.  Trust, believe, have faith in the One-Who-Saves.  
I Love you.

Saturday 7 January 2017
Come to Me, all you who believe and have the wisdom for what I tell you.
All is culminating and, soon, thunder will roll in skies that are clear and only those who follow Me in Truth will survive the devastation that follows.
I give you Warning: My Justice is upon you, mankind, for what you have done in following the lies of lucifer.  Look and see: sin is everywhere and few are willing to stand up and fight for what is right and proper in My Law.
Trust, you who are willing to try to walk in My Light for, I walk with you and the Hand of Justice will pass over you as the Angel of Death passed over My people Israel, as at the time of the Passover.
Trust, I will look after My own, believe, My children, and do not be afraid.  Fight and love the Lord, your God, with all your body, with all your mind and all your will and love your neighbour as yourself.
Trust: die to self, cast the sin from your lives and follow Me in truth.
Trust in Me.
I Love you.

Tuesday 10 January 2017
My people, listen to My calls and do not be afraid to answer.  Yes, it seems as though We are losing the Battle but, it is I who allow the Temple to be overrun in order to bring those who have been hidden in the dark out into the light.  So that My people may see and know that many of those that say they follow Me have given themselves over to evil.
Trust in Me and believe I shall bring it all to an end for I shall destroy all their plans with the Breath of My Mouth and they, who have blasphemed against Me, shall fall from their thrones and be cast into the eternal fire of hell where they shall be taunted by their deeds for all eternity.  For, they are the ones who have destroyed many in their lust for power and greed.
Trust in Me, My children, and know that time is short.  Spend these last days in preparation by dying to the sin in your lives.
Prepare for My Coming while there is still time and great joy shall be yours at My Return. Trust in Me.
I Love you.

Thursday 12 January 2017
Truth is the only thing I seek of My followers.
Where you find Truth there, you will find Love and Peace.
This is why I ask that you live in Truth and this can only be done by dying to self for self is your enemy upon this Journey of Love.  I cannot force you to begin this Journey with Me, I can only ask you.
Trust in Me and read the Words I have already given to you in these Words of Love. I have made it simple for you to understand; it is up to you whether you are willing to follow.
Trust in Me and you will find the Peace that surpasses all understanding.
Come, children, and listen to My calls.
Trust Me.
I Love you.

Monday 16 January 2017
Look at Me, My children, and see the Truth for I am your God.
I am the One who has the Power to create or destroy that, that I have created.
You are destroying that, that I have created with Love yet, you have not the right to destroy for you are not the Creator, the Owner.  You are being led by darkness; you have been blinded and are in the process of destroying yourselves with your sin.
Look, children, at what I am saying in these Words: look at this earth as it begins to rebel against that, that is destroying it.
Children, read the signs of your times and realise the danger you are in.
Realise the danger that you create with your sin.
I will not be able to protect you if you are not willing to change.
Trust Me, children, die to self, turn against sin and come, follow Me in truth.
Trust in Me.
I Love you.

Tuesday 17 January 2017
Believe in Me, My children, and see the Truth that I speak to you in My Words of Love.
See how I prepare you for what will happen for mankind has given himself over to evil and now must pay the price.
I tell you the Truth: no one will escape My Justice for My Justice is Holy and will seek out all that is dark.  Sin is darkness, children, even though you believe that many sins do not exist anymore, I tell you sin is sin and if you break My Laws then you will be held accountable.
Repent of your sin and come, follow Me in truth.
Trust in Me.
I Love you.

Friday 19 January 2017
Trust in Me, My children, and believe in the Words I speak and see the danger that surrounds you.
See the things that I have already told you coming to pass.
Trust only in Me, your God, and do not listen to the false doctrine from those who are supposed to lead My flock for they have given themselves over to the lies of lucifer and now only promote his lies.
Listen only to those priests, bishops and cardinals that still hold on to My Truth and pray that they remain strong for they are under great attack.
Believe, My children, and do not be afraid but know that I Love you and will guide you through these times of great sin.
Believe, My little ones, and trust in Me.
I Love you.

Tuesday 24 January 2017
Truth, children, is what I seek from My followers.
Do not say that you are a follower of Mine if you are not willing to live in the Truth.
Truth is your shield from the evil one.
Truth is what you seek for I am the Truth, the Way and the Life.
Trust in Me, children, seek the Path of Truth: die to self, repent of your sins and come follow Me. If you do this, Eternal Life shall be yours.
Trust in the ways of this world and the path you will follow is to the fires of hell; this is Truth.
See what I say: look for Me in those that you meet, trust Me and let My Love shine through you. Look for Me and you will find Me.
Trust Me.
I Love you.

Thursday 26 January 2017
Come, children of My Heart, and listen to My calls and do not be dismayed in your search for Me. Do not allow yourselves to become discouraged by the lack of resolve in those around you to follow Me.
Believe it is Me who is calling you out of the darkness to follow the Path of Light where you will learn to fight against sin.
Trust in Me, children, and believe in My Love for you.  Do not become discouraged on your Journey to Me, when it is hard to find Me for I will Teach you to trust, even in the times when you think I am not with you. But, you must remember, that I will never leave your side.
Trust in Me, My children.
I Love you.

Friday 27 January 2017
Trust in Me, My children: believe I am with you, believe anything is possible when you believe and trust in Me.
Do not allow self to control you for self only destroys your trust in Me.  Self only desires what you can gain for self's sake.  See the Truth of what I am saying and die to self. Then, you will be able to follow Me in truth.  Then, I will be able to use you to minister to My people.
The dead will rise, the blind will see, the lame will walk and the dumb shall proclaim My name to the nations.
Trust in Me: a new time is dawning when My Power will be seen, once again, and We, together, shall reclaim that, that has been lost to the darkness of this world. A new age dawns, children, and I call you, who desire to follow Me in truth, to be a part of it.
Believe, My children, believe in what I say: die to self, repent of your sin and I shall show you the wonders of My Kingdom.
Trust in Me.
I Love you.

Sunday 29 January 2017
Trust is what I seek from you, My children.
Do not fear the world that you now live in but know and trust in Me, your God.
Know that I am with you and trust that I will look after My own.
Trust in Me, My children, and do not worry, do not be afraid for I will lead you to the Promised Land a land of milk and honey that I will have prepared for you, My children.  So do not be afraid at the events that will take place in this world for much will change as the evil one gains much strength: he will try to frighten all into accepting his ways but you, My children, do not fear and keep following Me.
Trust in Me, My children.
I Love you.

Monday 30 January 2017
Look to the Truth and see Me in those around you.
Pray for those in need and do not allow yourselves to be deceived by the desires of self for you will only be listening to the lies of lucifer and become lost to Me forever.
Wake up, My children, and see the Truth: the deceiver roams free in this world and he is trying to deceive all who say they follow Me.
Believe I am guiding you through these Words of Life but it is up to you to believe or not. Trust in Me.
I Love you.

Tuesday 31 January 2017
Trust in Me, children, and listen to these Words of Life that I give to you.
Believe in what I say and do not worry but know I am with you, in this, your hour of tribulation.
Believe for your belief in Me will separate you from those who will perish when the Sword of Justice falls upon this earth.
Believe, children of My Heart, and know I have already Warned of these times and what is to come.
Believe and trust in Me.
I Love you.

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