martedì 1 agosto 2017

solar eclipse, a national disaster?

SOLAR ECLIPSE, A NATIONAL DISASTER? Port-a-potty shortages. Cellular blackout zones. Ambulances stuck in gridlock. These are the conditions emergency managers across the USA are expecting the week of August 21 when millions of people converge on the narrow path of totality of the Great American Solar Eclipse. Get the full story from Newsweek.

SOMETHING FLARE-Y THIS WAY COMES: Following a 2-week trip around the farside of the sun, old sunspot AR2665 is about to return. The sunspot's towering magnetic canopy is now visible over the sun's eastern limb, shown here in an extreme ultraviolet photo from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory:

In early July, AR2665 crossed the Earthside of the sun, sparking moderately strong geomagnetic storms when it faced our planet. The huge sunspot remained active during its farside transit as NASA spacecraft observed bright flares and multiple bright CMEs billowing away from its location.
Will AR2665 bring a new round of geomagnetic storms and auroras to Earth in early August?  It all depends on how much the sunspot has decayed in recent days.  Amateur astronomers with solar telescopes are encouraged to train their optics on the sun's eastern limb. Dark cores should be appearing there soon. Free: Solar Flare Alerts
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