martedì 1 agosto 2017

King of Love

Feast of the King of Love
Sunday 23 July 2017
My children, I greet you, all of you.  It is good that you sing praise to Me, to give Me your love in this way.
But, children, more important than this, I call you to love: to love with everything you have, to love so that others will love and will know My Love.
Let ALL that is within you cry Holy for Holy I Am and Holy you must see Me as.  If I am Holy, then, you, too, must be Holy, you, too, must live in holy obedience to Me for that is the right of a King; that is the way of His followers.  Your King, My children, is before you; your King is waiting for the offering of your souls and your hearts; He waits for your obedience to Him, in all things.
Look at Me.  Look deeply into Me, past all of the you that you see in Me for, I am not you.  My children, you are here to serve the King of Heaven and there is nothing that you should put in front of your loyalty to Me.
I tell you: a very few of you will not taste death until you have seen the Kingdom of Heaven in your hearts.  This, My children, is not a Gift, it is given for your loyalty to Me, for your humility, for your obedience to Me alone.
I, as your King, ask something of you, each of you, this Day.  Will you give it to Me?
I ask of you that you become My Little Army of Love, that all your Love is Mine so that I may bring others to Me through you.  Will you do it for Me?
I can promise you nothing but My Kingdom and My Love. 
How long will you resist Me, My children?  This dark world chokes you and, unless you have Me then you have nowhere but the darkness.
This Day, I light a little light in each heart that wants it.  I ask of you who receive it that you fan it into a great Fire of Love in this world.
Will you love your King in this way, children?

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