lunedì 15 maggio 2017

Friday 5 May 2017
How can it be, My children, that you hear My Words in your mind and, yet, your hearts are cold as ice towards them? How can it be?
I call you to be the soldiers of My Light who hear the Graces that fall softly into your hearts from the Lips of My Father to change you, to melt you, to mould you into a vessel that holds My Father’s Grace. I need your hearts, My children, I ask you for them this day.
Say this prayer in an Act of Giving:
Father of Eternal Light, I give to You my heart and my soul so that You might fill it with the delicate Graces that You pluck from Your own Heart.
Fill me with Your Spirit that I might see and know Your Will.
Let me see through the Eyes of Your beloved Son, Jesus, to see the world as He, alone, sees it.
My life is Yours, Father: do with me what You Will. Amen.

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