venerdì 30 giugno 2017

Who is Bergoglio?

Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio?Posted on June 29, 2017 by evensong Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio? Who is this man who has succeeded in making such a mess of the Church? In a recent discussion, this question arose and after some lively exchanges, a consensus was reached. To understand it, let’s return to Father Malachi Martin’s writings from back in the final decade of the last century. Fr. Malachi MartinFather Malachi Martin has certainly been a sign of contradiction and yet even today, despite the efforts of his many detractors, much of what he wrote has proved prescient, especially under the current occupant of the See of Peter. One of Martin’s most sensational claims was that in an occult masonic ceremony performed on June 29, 1963, Lucifer was enthroned in the Vatican. The event was described in Martin’s book, “Windswept House“, which was published in the late 1990’s. In an interview with Bernard Janzen, published in “The Tempter’s Hour”, Father Martin spoke about the book and its message:“95% of the events (related in the book) are factual, but they are cloaked in novelistic form.” He stated that the primary theme of the book is “The Roman Catholic Church …. is in apostasy.” Father explained that an apostate is one who denies basic truths of the Church, such as hell, divine grace, or personal sin, such as in reducing sin to merely social offenses, [as the present occupant does]. This Post at Return to Fatima © Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved.

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