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God the Most High: My Power exceeds all that is of this world and beyond it

January 10, 2015, 3:36 pm My dearest daughter, humanity has turned against Me and all that I created in My Image and, for that, My Sorrow is great. My children will be saved by the Intervention of My dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and this will take place very soon. Before this day I ask all those who love Me […]
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Plans underway by secret world orders behind world powers to control.

False Prophets

False teachers will begin to make themselves known all over the world shortly.


To those who claim not to believe in Me I have this to say.


Listen to the prophets. Don't make the same mistake when people would not listen to Noah.

The Clergy

The sins of my sacred disciples offend me greatly.

Reality of Hell

On entering the gates of Hell you will then realise the horrible mistake you have made.

New Paradise

Take heart with these messages of the New Paradise.

Satanic Groups

Satan's followers, brainwashed with the promises of power and glory.

The Warning

The Warning is a gift to prove to the world that God exists when our sins are revealed to us so we can convert

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