martedì 2 maggio 2017

Latest messages of Love

Wednesday 5 April 2017
Trust in Me, My children, and do not be afraid to follow in My Footsteps.
Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into sin by the ways of this world.
Trust in Me and My Ways so that you may be assured of Eternal Life with Me in Our Father's Kingdom.
Trust in Me.
I Love you.

Tuesday 11 April 2017
Believe, My children, and walk this Path of Truth with Me.
Believe in the Words that I speak and live them so that you will reside with Me in the Kingdom of Our Father in Heaven.
Believe, children, for all is at the point of collapse where this earth will be at the point of its own destruction.
Believe for, We together, will reclaim what has been stolen from us by the father of lies. Soon, I will put an end to the darkness and this world will change in ways that even science will be confounded.
So, believe and trust in Me while there is still time.
Believe, My children, believe. I Love you.

Thursday 20 April 2017
My children, I am Coming, no matter if you refuse to believe or not. This world has grieved Me with its evil ways and I will Return to free it from those who have refused to follow in the Ways of their God.
Believe, children, before it is too late for the Wrath of your God shall be great for the injustice that has been done to the innocents. Their blood calls out to Me for Justice. You have murdered the innocent in their mothers’ wombs and call this modern progression. You call it women’s rights: I call it murder and this earth will be consumed by fire for what it has done by man's own hand.
Trust Me, My children, I Come.
I Love you.

Thursday 20 April 2017
Trust and believe, My children, and do not be afraid of what is happening in this world.
Simply know that you are Mine and that the day is coming soon when We will reclaim that that has been stolen by those who have listened to lucifer.
Believe that I will reclaim this world and that My people will live in My Peace, once again.
Trust in Me that My Freedom is at hand.
Believe, children.
I Love you.

Friday 21 April 2017
Trust in Me, My children, and do not fear the times that you now live in.
Believe in Me and the Words I speak for I will lead you through these dark times just as I led My people, Israel, to freedom.
Trust in Me and believe through all the difficulties that you face.
Trust in Me.
I Love you.

Thursday 27 April 2017
Trust only in Me, My children, and believe I have called you as a follower of the Truth.
Believe in My Love for you and all My children and do not be afraid.
Trust in Me to guide you through this world of darkness and I will lead you to the Promised Land where We, together, will live in the Peace and Understanding that My Truth brings to all My followers.
Trust in Me, My little children.
I Love you.

Sunday 30 April 2017
Listen to My Words, My children, for they have been many and few have taken the time to believe in them and live them.
The time is changing, children, the evil one grows in much strength and mankind has become blinded to his ways and now follows him freely.
Soon, now, children, I will be forced to act and put an end to the evil ways that are spreading ever rapidly across this earth. Believe and prepare, children, for your God is about to show this world the error of its ways.
Stay close to Me, My little ones, and I will lead you through these times of great tribulation.
Trust in Me, I Love you.

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