domenica 15 gennaio 2017

Prophecy by 'Italian Nostradamus'

The end is nigh! Prophecy by 'Italian Nostradamus' made 500 years ago is at risk of coming true after Italian town is hit by two days of snow 

  • Matteo Tafuri was an Italian philosopher who lived from 1492-1582
  • 'Two days of snow, two flashes in the sky, I know the world ends,' he said 
  • The snow in Salento fell over the weekend as sub-freezing temperatures gripped swathes of Europe
Over 500 years ago an Italian philosopher made the apocalyptic prediction that two consecutive days of snow in the sunny, southern Italian town of Salento would mean 'the end of the world'.
Now Matteo Tafuri's prophecy is at risk of coming true after freezing temperatures hit Italy's Peninsula, blanketing Salento's beaches in snow.

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