martedì 17 gennaio 2017

All the Words that I have spoken have led up to this time

Day of Love
Saturday 14 January 2017
My children, where are you?
Are you ready for this war that you are in?
All the Words that I have spoken have led up to this time.
I have trained you for war.
I have trained you to see with spiritual eyes. 
My Words have been your Path for all these years.
Now is the time to begin to gather for war, for the war has already begun within My Church.  If you have eyes to see you will see it for yourself.  They do not fight with guns; they fight with the Laws of My Church and these Laws are your faith.  If they can win your soul away from believing that I did not say these things then you will fall away into an abyss of no return.  Already, many of My children have fallen in battle for they have believed the lies that they were told. 
The enemy has begun the trampling of My Sanctuary.  Soon, they will trample you.
Stay with Me, stay on the Path, listen to My Words for I, the Shepherd, begin to call My sheep.  Do not listen to other words for they are spoken by brigands and thieves.  They seek to destroy you with a false church.  I tell you, you are living through the Third Secret of My Mother’s, a secret that has been turned into a lie by their lack of truth.
My Truth is what holds your faith intact, if they are allowed to change the Truth, you will no longer believe in Me but a parody of Me, they try to remove Me.
You see, My children, I am the enemy to them.  They twist My Love into something that is not Mine, something that only seems like Mine.  Lies have become the Truth and are spewing from mouths that have no souls.
Do not stay what you are now but change into a disciple of Mine, a disciple of your Lord.  Fight the lies with the Truth and only My Truth.
Change radically, My children.  Do not be afraid to speak My Name in public or live in your faith.  Do not be afraid to spread My Word for, what has been pushed into hiding will be brought into the light.  Their form of law is not My Law.  My Law is forever.

Day of Love
Sunday 15 January 2017
My Life,
Your life,
One Life,
Eternal Life…

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