martedì 15 novembre 2016



By Lana Vawser 

I feel such an invitation in the Spirit in this hour to be so yielded to Jesus, living so deep in surrender to Him, laying everything at His feet, even our ‘expectations’ of how we think He should move and when. I feel such an urgency in the Spirit and the fear of God in ‘laying down’ and ‘repenting of’ boxes and limitations we have placed upon the Lord. 
There is such an increased need right now more than ever for discernment. As we live in the place of deep intimacy with Him that we are discerning the pure flow of His Spirit and what He is saying, even if it does “fit” into our “boxes”. 
The Lord spoke to me recently and said:
“My people you MUST surrender the expectation of coming to Me to see what I am doing and hear what I am saying with a preconceived expectation of “this must fit into my box of expectations of how You are going to move Lord, or when you are going to show up, or the way you choose to reveal yourself or your plans; otherwise I throw it out or get offended. You must surrender and repent of any limiting, agenda filled expectations of sight. Come to Me! I am calling you to a place of such deep yieldedness to Me in intimacy and purity where you are crying out “Lord let me see as YOU see, even if it OFFENDS me.”
He is breaking our boxes and limitations! Let us come to Him without agenda and expectation of how we think He should move, what we think we should see, and when we think He should show up, and just COME out of simple, childlike adoration of Jesus. Let us be people who yield and adore and take Him in WHATEVER form and way He chooses to come because we are so radically and deeply in love with and desperate for Him and HIM ALONE and to be partnered with Him in the privilege to hear and see as HE SEES!


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